US report urges Baghdad to resort to the Peshmerga to "liberate Mosul"

Baghdad US report saw that the Iraqi government must resort to seek help from the Kurdish Peshmerga forces to participate in the process of "liberation of Mosul," the organization "Daash."The Financial Sport newspaper in a report that all indicators confirm that the new destination for troops Iraqi security after "the completion of the liberalization of gray will be" about "liberation city of Mosul," pointing out that there are noticeable moves by Iraqi forces in this direction., however the newspaper that the military information received via the World Press reports indicate that the difficult "Edit Mosul" without the participation of Kurdish Peshmerga forces in the process. The newspaper added that the Peshmerga forces achieved "victories to organize Daash" on all fronts even got to close to the city of Mosul, adding that she has "cleared" areas "liberated" from the mines, improvised explosive devices, which distributed " Daash ", so it is imperative to Iraqi forces from the use of the Peshmerga forces to be able to" edit Mosul. "It was reported to Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi himself acknowledges that he would not be able to" edit Mosul "without the Peshmerga forces.