Jaafari and Zarif stress on the need to move the region away from Crisis

Hold the Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, on Wednesday, with his Iranian counterpart, Mohammad Javad Zarif, told a news conference in Tehran, on the tensions and the severance of diplomatic relations between the countries in response to the execution of the cleric Nimr in Saudi Arabia.
Jaafari said at a news conference I followed / scales News /, "It can not be for Iraq to stand Mhaiza attitude to what is going on in the region, because our relations with Iran are vital and geographical relations, as it is necessary to invest Iraq's relations with Arab countries do not cut it off, so We moved since the first time in an attempt to calm the crisis and ease tensions between Iran and the rest of the Arab countries, where there will be discussions in this regard, "stressing that" other countries will visit for the pursuit of the importance of this subject and to continue efforts in order to prevail in peace and good relations in the region. "
He said al-Jaafari, "we do not want to interfere in the internal affairs of Saudi Arabia, but this issue has faced a wave of severe anger since they touched the feelings of some religious communities," adding that "if they did not calm down the situation will see the region further tensions both on the political, security and diplomatic level."
He said al-Jaafari during the conference, he "must re-prioritize risks and common interests with Iran, there is no need to fear them as long as they respect the sovereignty of States, as the question of the existence of differences in Saudi Arabia or Iran is the principle mentioned by the Koran and not the principle of states," he said. " There are plans to negative practices purpose create confusion in the nature of relations between the countries, it is necessary to unite in word and keep our diplomatic relations and protect the region from any tension. "
In the same context, Zarif said, that "We do not have problems with any Arab country, but we stand against measures that oppose Islam and calls for sectarianism, as Iran does not believe that these mechanisms and cut relations are based next to the Muslim world, especially as it faces the challenges and Khtorat high of some hostile countries, it is necessary to Ntmask and strengthen the relations between us are not demolished. "

On the other hand he said al-Jaafari to, "Although faced by Iraq by Turkey's occupation of the town of Bashiqa in Mosul, but we insist on adherence to the diplomatic and trade relations with them, but we refuse to encroach upon the sovereignty of Iraq, we were presented a complaint to the UN Security Council, which expressed his turn full understanding toward this overtaking, and called for Turkey to withdraw their forces, and that the Arab League has denounced this violation and also asked them to withdraw. "
The Jaafari arrived, on Wednesday, to the Iranian capital Tehran to meet with officials in the Islamic Republic, and discuss events in the region, developments .