House of Representatives lifted its secret to Saturday after the discussion of issues concerning the security of the Council

2012-03-08 15:58:51 2012-03-08 15:58:51

BAGHDAD (Iba) ... House of Representatives lifted its twenty-seventh after them in camera to discuss the issue of safe on Saturday.

A statement from the Department of Media in the House of Representatives received by the independent press (Iba) a copy of it on Thursday that in the beginning of the meeting which Briashasama Nujaifi of the Speaker and the presence of 237 deputies initiated by any of the Holy Quran made ​​Nujaifi behalf of the Council warmest condolences to MP Ali Fayad, the death of Maher Saher Fayad .

He then ordered the head of the House of Representatives to transfer the meeting to closed session at the request of a number of deputies to discuss some issues concerning the security of the House of Representatives.

The statement pointed out that it was decided to raise Cilhcil House of Representatives on Saturday.

The House of Representatives began debate on the parliamentary investigative report of the Committee for the bombing of the parliament, which occurred at the end of last November 2011.

The explosion occurred in 28 of last November near the headquarters of the House of Representatives in the Green Zone by a car bomb, the explosion resulted in the injury of a number of civilians Pinhmalinaúb from the Kurdistan Alliance supporter of the good and the impact of bombing on the Council of Representatives formed an investigative committee to determine the causes. (النهاية) (End)