Parliament will vote on the 2014 budget in financial statements

The parliamentary finance committee, confirmed Wednesday, the House of Representatives will vote early in the new legislative term on the budget in 2014 financial statements of the allocations spent by government sectors at the time.
Said committee member Ahmed Hama told / information /, the "temporary parliamentary committee would meet soon to prepare a summary of its report on the 2014 budget year and submit it to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to introduce in the parliament session and finally closed the file".
He added flesh, that the "interim parliamentary committee completed a review of 90% of the financial data relating to expenses and allocations of the 2014 budget year, which is in the process of completing a review of the remaining 10% of the data in the coming days."
The flesh, that "Parliament will vote on the budget year 2014 financial statements are the allocations spent by government sectors at the time."
Referred to the House of Representatives did not vote on the federal budget for 2014 due to the political conflict that was going on in that period, large differences that have occurred on many Bnodha.