Iraq's most valuable certification of Jordan

06/1/2016 12:00 am

Baghdad-Mostafa Hashemi
I returned the Ministry of planning and development cooperation by Iraq with the first rank among the most valuable to the certificates of origin issued by Jordan that is very positive being part of the mutual recognition of examination certificates and conformity of goods between Iraq and other countries.

According to a statistical report of Oman Chamber of Commerce issued two days before Iraq solution with the most valuable certification issued nearly 340 million Jordanian dinars, followed by the U.A.E. State worth 285 million dinars and then Saudi Arabia worth 100 million dinars.

And Ministry spokesman Abdul Zahra Al-Hindawi told» morning», by the Ministry of planning in three directions with a view to facilitating the import job.

He explained that the first trend is the Ministry contracted with 4 international companies closer, German and Danish and French and Swedish, examine goods and imported goods in the country of origin was contracted in 2011 and is doing great.

He added that the second is 2015 and the mutual recognition of examination certificates and conformity of goods between Iraq and other countries, especially neighboring countries, adding that this recognition means that Iraq recognizes the certificates of conformity issued by these laboratories States against recognition of the certificates of origin issued by Iraq.

The third trend continued, if not check the goods through the viewfinder and not the companies through memorandums of understanding concerning mutual recognition resort to examination by national laboratories of specialized ministries or central agency laboratories to standardization and quality control.

The issue often imports from neighboring countries, including Jordan, because of lower transportation costs compared to distances, facilitating the access of goods and materials imported more quickly reflected on the rise in the balance of trade for countries near Iraq on the other.

He noted that some imports are sometimes not from Jordan but pass through the country in transit makes intervention in this context.

And between the theme quality is "first and foremost for Ministry of planning through device central to planning, quality control, and thus should be subject to examination and conforms to the specification of Iraq, stressing that this was part of the mutual recognition of examination certificates between Jordan and Iraq and increase the import process through Jordan.

He concluded by stressing that all these directions designed for consumer protection and protection of Iraqi national product also.