Iraqi judiciary: We have recovered hundreds of billions in 2015 .. and senior officials convicted

Twilight News / confirmed judges specialize into integrity issues in the Court of Appeal Baghdad / Rasafa that the judiciary did not take into account the positions of the defendants and their backgrounds at sentencing, with judges announced that senior officials in the state have been convicted, reviewed the rates of achievement over the past year. Judge Jumaa al-Saadi head of felonies integrity, he told a gathering of journalists that "we export our judgments according to the law and the evidence, regardless of the position of the accused and the background."
He added that "the Criminal Court resolved 642 cases during the last year, and the remaining 10 cases only the occurrence of discriminatory appeals them," pointing out that "senior officials in the state among those convicted."
For his part, achieve integrity judge Mohammed Salman said that his court issued the "3460 an arrest warrant in 2015 for corruption cases, some of them carried out and the other is still in progress after that issued a travel ban and reserve funds fleeing the right to force them to surrender orders."
Salman said that "The Court resolved during this period 3298 investigative issue."
He added, "Over the past year we have been able to stop the 560 billion dinar exchange through the manipulation of instruments."
To that, the judge Haidar Hisham Prosecutor in the Court of integrity continuation of the "coordination with the Integrity Commission and the unity of the fight against money laundering in the Central Bank".
Hisham said that "this format has enabled us to move several lawsuits against the accused of wasting public money and corruption cases."