Abadi warns of disruption of national unity

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi warned of attempts to disruption of national unity and the face of hounding agitators from criminal gangs and Aldoaash and the like, in the wake of a criminal attack against the three mosques in different parts of the province of Babylon, as described Interior Ministry This criminal act as an attempt to alienate Iraq's communities against each other. The Prime Minister's Office, in a press statement received «morning»: The «Abadi face the leadership of Babylon operations to hunt down the criminal gangs of Aldoaash and the like, which I used on mosques in the province» .obin Abadi, that «the process of criminal aims to stir up sedition and hit national unity» .bdorha, described the Interior Ministry said in a statement, bombings of mosques in the province of Babylon, as «desperate attempts to alienate communities» accused «foisted elements seeking to exploit the current regional circumstances to sow discord». Sunni Endowment in turn called on the head of the Sunni Waqf Sheikh Abdul Latif Alhmam, on Monday, all Muslims and in particular the Iraqi people to unity and rejection of sectarianism that threatens the social fabric of the sons of the same country.