Liberal rejects reconciliation with the Baath and who caused the shedding of Iraqi blood

(Independent) .. She Liberal bloc in Parliament for its refusal to sit at the same table with the members of the dissolved Baath Party and who Zbbo shedding of Iraqi blood. " The MP said the bloc Zalmi Abdul Aziz, on Tuesday, "said his bloc will not hold reconciliation with the Baath and personalities that helped Daash the occupation of part of Iraqi territory and caused the shedding of Iraqi blood. He pointed out that the mass Zalmi announced repeatedly rejected reconciliation with figures accused by the judiciary and the people involved with terrorist offenses. " He stressed that the door is open for those who did not Atorto terrorist crimes against the Iraqi people. " The head of the House of Representatives, Salim al political leaders had called for a meeting with the three presidencies during the next week to discuss national reconciliation file.