Iraq has 15 000 archaeological pieces stolen after a rare since 2003

BAGHDAD - Iraq Press - January 5: judge announced money laundering and economic crime court, Tuesday, that "the Economic Court officially recorded the theft of about 15 000 archaeological pieces after 2003 represents each timber and stone statues dating back to the Akkadian era." He went on, Judge Suhail Star, "The recovery of files organized to restore the number of pieces, including 88 Rgima mud in Italy which messages back to the strain time (Essen) and Asr Akkadian knew of places after the publication of the University of Rome in 2006, pictures of her, while still correspondence continuing between Related to retrieve bodies from Italy. " It is said that the Department of Immigration in the United States revealed earlier they found on an old Iraqi treasure back to the Sumerian era, Hidden in a US military container in the (Jacksonville), where the transfer of a number of workers within the medical surgical team working in Iraq as part of forces United States of America is done he hides it behind a number of paintings and other materials.
Smuggling has also been a number of pieces of the Babylonian time dating back to the pre-4000 years, were found on a number of them, while many others is still missing so far. Iraqi embassy in Washington has received a number of pieces archaeological stolen with the help of the FBI, but the most unusual is transferred marble columns and statues of large size are found from time to time in the homes of American soldiers worked with US forces in Iraq. In 2010, it was announced the existence of a piece of alabaster dating back to one of Saddam's palaces, were found in one of the auctions in Texas and while federal officials attended to the auction as buyers, Vkhvoa piece in a garage one American soldiers with other material dating back to the era of Saddam, and no explanation of how the It has the theft of such pieces.
As was announced to find the embossed gold necklace dating back to ancient Mesopotamian times, had been sold in 2007 at Christie's auction for $ 100 thousand, it has returned to the Iraqi government, and this necklace is one of the many works of art that were stolen by American pieces and by contractors from museums and archaeological sites of Iraq during the invasion of Iraq, not to mention the effects of the destruction by the elements Daash and stealing hundreds of them by members of organized crime syndicates and gangs smuggling of antiquities.