«Made in Iraq» in the consumer reach

​Ministry: 31 profitable company after it had been only three times .. and 172 locally produced BAGHDAD - Ahmed Abed Rabbo did not stand the lack of financial allocations which monitored supposed to the Ministry of Industry and Minerals during last year's budget, an obstacle to the advancement of the industrial reality in the country, and perhaps the financial crisis, caused by the the sharp decline in global oil prices, are precipitated from the rates of activation of the reality of public companies and the development of brand (made in Iraq) in domestic consumer reach, according to specialists, despite the great difficulties fierce competition from imported goods as well as the dumping of commodity policy in the local markets.
Plan a comprehensive
investment, the ministry began in the fourth quarter of last year to prepare a comprehensive plan to invest affiliated factories and other marketing aimed at the public sale of its products, also announced several investment opportunities to enter partnerships with the private sector. But its minister Mohammed Darraji talked more than once about the existence of countries, traders and politicians trying to disrupt national production to benefit from the import, stressing the determination of his ministry advancement of local products, industry and improve the weaknesses in the administration, and to provide constantly salaries of self-financing companies. And highlights the problem of the ministry of public companies in their inability to market their products at a time when rely on self-financing for the continuation of their work, and the security and service conditions that followed in 2003, it was behind the paralysis of the work of the majority of the factories belonging to these companies.
quantum industrial quality
and in a bold move to restore confidence companies, a spokesman for the ministry, Abdul Wahid al-Shammari said in a special interview for «morning»: that the reality of these companies have seen in the fourth quarter of 2015, a quantum leap after the assumption Darraji ministry tasks, noting that the first step taken by the minister included the preparation of plans comprehensive to address all the problems faced by companies and factories, with a generic marketing plan that the local product in the market promotion, noting that the first harbingers included the launch of a campaign (made in Iraq) in the month of August, thus contributing to the consolidation and support of various local industries, stressing that Campaign mentioned received a good response by the citizens and officials in the Ath.otsenm Darraji in July of last year his duties officially as minister of industry and minerals, succeeding Naseer al-Issawi, who gave Astqalth.oodhav Shammari said his ministry was able to aggregated to their advantage during the last year a number of General Secretariat of the Council decisions Ministers, including the approval of the merging companies and reduced from 76 to 32, according to the similarity of specialty and industrial activity, taking into consideration the geographical location of each of them, in addition to urging the ministries and departments decision is related to the Ministry to make use of the materials produced at the Ministry of Industry and Minerals companies.
Achieving significant progress
He went on in the same vein, that his ministry has been able over the past year that the transformation of 13 companies from its loss-making into profitable after the number of winning no more than three only, as well as the success of his ministry to raise the number of its products to 271 items as products Iraqi pure.
And the quality of these materials, He said the ministry spokesman, said that this is confirmed by the Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control under the Ministry of Planning, through the examination of each of them, on the grounds that all products of public companies are subject to ongoing by the device, as opposed to imported from abroad of goods and which drain the country's balance of currency control difficult.
The Darraji had said in his first press conference after his accession to the post that more than half of oil imports behavior in the field of importing foreign goods, revealing that Iraq has spent over the past years the nearly 321 billion dollars on it, even though the worst industries come from abroad.
Domestic industry support
And linking al-Shammari the development of the local industry in the country, with more cooperation with government authorities and speed up the legislation of laws that are in the national product interest, as well as the adoption of the prevalence of governmental culture of paying people to buy local products, stressing that it will restore wellness gradually to the industrial reality in the country. He stressed that his ministry has not forgotten during the past year to support the private sector, as it has provided facilities for investors who wish to enter the Iraqi market, exceptionally, pointing out that its role will contribute to solving the accumulated economic problems plaguing the country, similar to unemployment, as well as it raises the economic development size , stressing that entering partnerships between the public and private sectors that will solve the problems faced by the public companies.
Local manufacturing Harbi
And got the approval of Dr. Haider Abadi, the prime minister over the past year on a proposal to form a supreme body for Military Industries, is linked to General Commander of the Armed Forces.
And met with that body direct support of Dr. Abadi Darraji, and has become an open door for all specialists in the field of arms industry, also took seven belonging to the Ministry of companies it upon themselves to Military Industrialization task, according to a spokesman for the industry, who said that these companies have succeeded in re-manufacturing military vehicles and heavy weapons were out of service, with manufacturing first march aircraft and armored are controlled from a distance.
He noted that his ministry was in the process of advertising during the new year manufacturing new weapons Iraqi hands, adding that his ministry aims through re-Military Industrialization to support the security forces and the popular crowd against gangs «Daash» terror, pointing out that they ministry did not cost Tailh.oisturd Iraq war materiel amounts of money ranging from (600 700 ) million dollars a year, which prompted the Ministry of Industry to call the Angels expert in the field of military industries to join Bdoairha.
Local fertilizer distinct
He said al-Shammari said the ministry had opened last month, a plant fertilizer produces about five thousand tons of manure annually, especially that the plant was designed and produced the hands that Iraqi 100 percent who said he would be leading in the region and produced better than foreign production being contains the five elements, while Includes foreign counterpart origins of the best elements of all three, as well as to lower its price by 50 percent as well.
Pharmaceutical products and promising
For his part, head of research oldest in the ministry Amer Ahmed said in a statement made ​​by »Sabah», that specialized in electrical and pharmaceutical industries ministry companies have achieved over the past year mutants quality, articulating that electric companies managed to capacity and distribution required by the Ministry of transformers manufacturing electricity in the energy security of the citizens, as well as enable them to electric meter device you are using the cadres of electricity in measuring Taqh.wachar manufacturing to be competent in those industries companies are the giants of Diyala and challenge in addition to the General Company for Electrical Industries.
Ahmed added that the General Company for the manufacture of medicines and medical supplies in Samarra introduced to the domestic market of 189 medicinal products of various brands, pointing out that such products currently compete with their counterparts imported, stressing that the company has introduced lines modern productive collaboration with foreign companies sober, as the company seeks to keep pace with progress in the production of new varieties of medicines . As pointed out the existence of some of the products the company issued outside the country, especially pharmaceutical antibiotics.
Industrial conclude contracts
And within the framework of cooperation and moves to strengthen, Iraq and Iran intends to conclusion of a contract for the production and marketing of armed pipelines used to transport sewage and water Alamtar.baan to the Ministry of Industry and Minerals «morning» received a copy of it, he noted that «the General Company for the Extractive Industries one of the formations and the Ministry of Industry and Minerals plans to conclusion of a contract active involvement with an Iranian company after it ended a further contract with the UAE company to strengthen the role of their products of different kinds to achieve self-sufficiency, including at the local level was during October of last year a month », adding that» the company owns a large and serious efforts to enter into a partnership with Iranian Frasan company in the production and marketing of armed pipes used in sewage and rainwater the GRP transfer », indicating it from discreet industrial companies in this field, however, that the contract includes the installation of an integrated line for the benefit of the masts company and if Mapdo production, it will achieve meet the needs of the public and private sectors of them, and the contract is currently pending ratification, as the company signed a partnership contract with the company [RAR RESIEN] the UAE in the field of industrial resins after production began it was the first Ghaith production material (intentions Spirit) falling in many industrial areas that bear fruit including the manufacture of dyes and promise a successful initial experience were sent samples of the new product of the beneficiaries for the purpose of initiating production according to design capacity, pointing out that «the company is ready to meet all the requirements of the local market need of this product». He added that the »new product of material formalin in industrial resins plant has many uses where it enters in the production of Alnobolak and Alrizul is used for medical purposes for sterilization, conservation and fogging in poultry farms», adding that «the company approached the global German companies about the inks, correspondence and other plant with Swedish companies The Norwegian also on access to share with companies producing inks. »