Sources for the future of Iraq: the private banks would boycott the government because of its boycott them!
08.03.2012 0:00

The future of Iraq / special
cautioned sources close to some of the private banks that "signs of an economic crisis is near an Iraqi and a possible fall after Chiz relationship between private banks and the Central Bank of Iraq." The sources said in a statement summarized by the "Future of Iraq" that it is necessary that Maliki will replace the crew of the Central Bank of Iraq, "the tight grip on the private banks," describing these banks as "despite all the bad conditions experienced by the country, contributed strongly to support the wheel Iraq's economic slouch in light of the government banks and dependence on routine killer and favoritism. " The sources revealed that many of the private banks own "are now about to announce the liquidation of its work in Iraq if the policy continued to deal with the current method adopted by the CBI," indicating it is the same way that took refuge in her government, also, the Ministry of Finance, which includes the abolition of government transactions with private banks. On the other hand, the sources said the bank "VTB" any "accounted for all transactions, and became the first Mahzi the government and the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance." They expected to see a financial trading and the work of Iraqi private banks "big jolt" will impact on trade, investment and movement of deposit and savings in the country.