Saleh: The government relies taxes to cover the deficit .. not lay off staff


Baghdad / term

He stressed the economic advisor to the Prime Minister, that the Iraqi government will not resort to layoffs or compromising their salaries, and while noting that the government will adopt several measures to cover the deficit in the budget, including the imposition of taxes and bonds, bank borrowing, pointed out that the Ministry of Electricity has not aggregated only 20 until now % of the wage tax collection.
The adviser said the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, said in an interview for the program (people and government) which displays the channel long screen space, "Some is covered in the media about layoffs and stop their salaries and laid off is part of the strategies media war against the Iraqi state," stressing that "talk is not accurate and the government is careful not to prejudice the lives of citizens and staff salaries as much as you eat some of the popular and media circles. "
Saleh pointed out that "there are several actions the Iraqi government will take to fill Agr in the general budget of the country, includes 13 steps, including activation of taxation and resort to borrowing bank bonds and restructuring some institutions of departments and factories that do not work since 2003, and paid its employees salaries up to now," He pointed out that "the staff of these institutions will not be laid off or laid off, but there's assets and administrative controls to ensure their business."