Najaf is moving to expand its financial resources

1/5/2016 0:00

Najaf, Hussein al-Kaabi

Moving Najaf province to the liquidation of most of the projects that are in progress due to lack of adequate financial allocations, it confirmed its intention to adopt the deferred payment mechanism for the implementation of some projects, as will work to expand domestic imports of certain laws through legislation.

The governor said Luay al-Yassiri elaborately in a statement »Sabah»: that after the projects stopped by the Council of Ministers, the local government would seek to liquidate the past decades due to lack of budgets for reconstruction and investment. He stressed the government's determination to go to the payment term projects, so now waiting for the agreement on the mechanisms of action by which will start new projects, it is possible to accomplish continuous them by priority.

He Yasiri sectors which will focus on maintaining the payment term projects, is infrastructure, housing and agriculture, electricity, noting that the province has developed a plan for the projects that you need through the body ages, to be distributed among the districts and sub-districts according to population ratios, pointing out that they will be presented to the provincial council for approval.

With regard to the budget of regional development, said Yasiri that «the budget will not address the deficit in the province's budget, there is a debt to maintain up to 347 billion dinars, while the development of the regions of the 2016 budget ranging between 70-78 billion dinars, and with the existence of this deficit will have to liquidate Contractors decades companies according to stages reached their projects and they have to wait ». And local revenues to the local government, among it is able to address the deficit being a very small percentage to the large fiscal deficit facing the province, noting that the province will work to expand domestic imports of certain laws through legislation and the imposition of certain fees. Yasiri confirmed that the cabinet's decision to keep the amounts levied by

Najaf mayor of the municipality is a good decision and serve the province, hoping to spend this revenue on municipal services. He believes that investment was not able to address the housing crisis, but there are a lot of residential investment projects got vacations and did not achieve any action on the ground, so «We have sent a letter to the Investment Authority to withdraw the investment opportunity of a housing project dates back to Rotam company in Kufa, and we are working now through the Overture body to cancel the entire holiday and the distribution of the land in the form of housing between cutting staff. » With regard to lagging investment projects, Yassiri said: «We address the rest of the projects lagging gradually to put priority to the provision of residential land for employees and citizens rather than disable the ground to calculate investors», noting that the future direction of the local government regarding investment projects, it would be productive for projects that meet the economic and imports, the most important investment in industrial and agricultural sectors, especially that there is a vast desert territory in Najaf has elements of the promotion of these sectors, as well as a focus on investment in the health sector.

He expressed the conservative optimism in regard to the advancement rate of municipal services, stressing that the province and in spite of the acute shortage of financial allocations that were an excuse for some of the lack of good municipal services, but it has managed the same these customizations can accomplish 60 percent of the city's needs in the field of cleaning specifically .