Deputy for Iraq: the national meeting will fail if each party stuck to its demands and the time of the marginalization of any component is gone
الخميس, 08 آذار/مارس 2012 07:06 Thursday, 08 March / March 2012 07:06

Likely representative for the Iraqi List, the failure of the national meeting in case their demands adherence to the political parties.

The MP said Abdul Dhiab told all of Iraq [where] the "National Conference to be held likely to fail in the event of hold every political party demands and not make concessions to each other, so we hope to reach the leaders of political blocs to Tfhamat and unify their demands through the preparatory committee leading up to contract the conference. "

He added that "one of the ways to solve the current political crisis to promote and activate the principle of national partnership, the truth in the state administration and decision-making because we believe that the time of the attack on a national or a particular doctrine and marginalize it has gone as to deprive the right component at the expense of another component has become elusive." / over 2