Hoshyar Zebari Roudao: Abadi does not send Peshmerga dues under the pretext of internal problems Bkordstan By Roudao one hour ago

Warned Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, in a television interview with Roudao network media, that the Iraqi government will not be able employees' salaries for the month of April next April distribution if the oil price remains low, but pointed to the existence of Options Kalaguetrad and raise the price of basic services and the sale of sovereign bonds . Zebari said that the Iraqi government is not saying it will not send Albicherkh budget, but they are taken from the internal problems in Kurdistan excuse not to send them, adding that "the point of Kurdish in Baghdad," said the President of the Wazzra Haider al-Abadi said that "money Peshmerga go to one party only." and below text of the interview:
Roudao: How will the year 2016 from an administrative point? Zebari: will 2016 a difficult year for Iraq, because 2015 was difficult, and our expectations in the Ministry of Finance indicate that this year will be more difficult, but not the whole year, could increase the price of oil in the month of September September this year, V90% of Iraq's economy depends on oil, so We had our calculations in order to know what we will do. In the past year, we have succeeded in the distribution of salaries, but this year, according to estimates available to me, we have exposed to the problematic in a month April has been Antmcn of the distribution of the employees' salaries for that month, this is a reality and people must know.Roudao:
When you say high oil prices Is this just analysis ?, for example, OPEC says that the price of oil will not be up to $ 60 in 2016? Zebari: There are an estimated oil prices, private companies to oil prices, law firms, large international banks, the issue of oil price linked to supply and demand by many parties, when it increased the offer said price, said to be the aspect ratio will be reduced in the autumn of this year, affecting the price of oil, which It happened in the oil topic linked to the situation which is going through the global economy, but oil will remain conservative on the value strategy as a commodity, and arrived in oil prices to this previously also level but rose later, but at this time no one can, not even Iraq to continue on the previous policy, because of assigned to live on oil revenues only, The price of a barrel of oil dropped from $ 120 to $ 30, and if it merely reliance on oil, everything would be paralyzed, a time when the distribution of salaries can not even may come, so you should think about all the economic resources.

Roudao What alternative oil if continued price decline? Zebari: There are several alternatives, including borrowing from international institutions a few of the benefits, we have done so. For example we have received help from the International Monetary Fund, and a few days ago we received one billion and 200 million dollars from the World Bank, and we entered a monitoring program on how we manage the financial and economic policy, and if we could get help more of them, as we intend to sell sovereign bonds, because the situation in Iraq this year better than last year in this regard. The other option is how to raise the Iraqi dinar exchange rate, In spite of that choice of risk and it may have repercussions, but we thought of not granting full salaries, and to keep some of our loans, and give a document that we will give money when the offer we have, and the other option is to sell oil and receive money in advance, in addition to raising option pricing of water, electricity and fuel services but it is not easy, any government applied be subject to the reactions of citizens, economic decisions painful, but it is said that any economic decision, if not painful, it is not a decision, and there are seven million people are paid salaries of Iraq's total population of 36 million , distribute monthly salaries of an estimated four billion dollars.

Roudao: been allocated trillion and $ 200 billion of popular crowd within Iraq's budget, why has not allocated money for the Peshmerga?Zebari: In these two years have been prepared in the financial budget for Iraq in a timely manner, and this did not happen in the history of Iraq, we have talked with the Presidency of the Kurdistan Region and the presidency of the government to try to stabilize the share of the Kurdistan Region of the budget as it is installed in the last year, we preserve the share of the Kurdistan Region as a duty lying upon us, and if the Kurdistan Region released oil through the SOMO it will provide him with the budget of the actual expenditures, because it no longer funds to Iraq. On the Peshmerga budget, they are found in the budget, the Peshmerga budget within the constituent political program of the government, which is calculated within the Iraqi ground forces, and we have to secure that the budget for a period of six months, in accordance with the oil agreement between Erbil and Baghdad, but suspended later and now when we talk with the government says it is ready to give it.

Roudao: this is not clear, is the money you have and send him ?, Or that al-Abadi does not allow it? Zebari: not one of them, the money is available, a few days ago I spoke at the Council of Ministers for not to send them salaries of the Peshmerga, they said they did not decide not to Ersloh because there are internal problems, we said that it can not take this as an excuse not to send Peshmerga budget, I mean that there are not any decisions not to send Peshmerga budget, but Abadi is a must to take this decision as commander in chief of the armed forces. Roudao: topic is not clear, it was decided to grant budget for the crowd, why not give the Peshmerga? Zebari: My brother said the government is a government of the crowd, a Shiite government, and they make up the majority, but you have three or four ministers (Minister Kurds), and salaries Peshmerga not send the government, whose president is the commander of the armed forces, balancing the Peshmerga not have to Ohjbha not sent, balancing the Peshmerga calculated on balancing the Iraqi Ministry of Defense.

Roudao: Since when has not been sent Peshmerga budget? Zebari: I did not send any money to the Peshmerga month ago June of last year. Roudao: Are any Kurdish party on this issue occur? Zebari: Unfortunately, the position of the Kurds in Baghdad is not uniform, the role of the Kurds in Baghdad was weak, but their position regarding the budget was united, yes, some parties told Ebadi that the funds which go Peshmerga benefit of only one party, and this is one of the reasons that prompted Abadi, not to send money to the Peshmerga. Roudao: How much of Iraq's debt ?, being paid his debts every year, is it true that the Paris Club loan will reach $ 50 billion unless paid by Iraq until 2017 ?.Zebari: many debts, and we rate them annually, which would raise the Iraqi state. But the Paris Club loan will not rise since the signing of the Convention agreed to cancel 80% of Iraq's debt to pay off only 20% of them in the form of premiums, our internal and external debt of $ 30 billion, which is few compared with other countries.

Roudao: border guards in Iraq get paid, In the province of Kurdistan, there are third brigade only, which has not gone without its allocations since August 2014, is because they are the Kurds? Zebari: No, you need some things are revealed to the citizens, it is true that we are talking about not sending the budget, but this does not mean that the Iraqi government does not have any obligation to the province of Kurdistan, there are expenses sovereign, oil, medicine, gasoline and food, and the Iraqi government have spent all those materials to Kurdistan, there are sovereign institutions in Iraq, such as border guards, nationality and the rights of peasants salaries ongoing, and the border guards understand affiliated Ministry of the Interior, and we spend the budget Operating the ministry each month.

Roudao: talking about sovereign things, the dams in Iraq is a sovereign, Is any disbursement of dams in the province of Kurdistan? Zebari: I think so, it is within the billion and $ 200 which Aguetrdhanaha of the World Bank; been allocated 200 million bridge Mosul. Roudao: border crossings sovereign as well, but the salaries and expenses of the border crossings is not the responsibility of Baghdad? Zebari:Because Kurdistan to Aircel province revenues border crossings to Baghdad.

Roudao: Do you give the development of the provinces of Kurdistan Region ?, budget Are there any privacy to Halabja being a province modern? Zebari: Granted, but is not complete, when we rationalize expenses included all areas, including the provincial development, but gave us the privacy of the province of Kirkuk, As for the Halabja was balanced last year as part of Sulaymaniyah budget but dedicated her something within the budget this year.

Roudao: How much is the total of Iraq's revenues per month? Zebari: Iraq's budget 105 trillion dinars, actual income of 80 million, and the deficit 25 Trliuna, and we agreed with the IMF on the need to have revenues equal expenses, and we are in the test this year. Roudao: How much is the bank reserves CBI of money and gold? Zebari : you was 70 billion dollars in the past, but fell to 59 billion, but we can not manipulate it, and for the salvation of the crisis in Iraq could be the central bank that the Iraqi government supports the $ 7 billion.

Roudao : You are in Baghdad Since the period, of which did not abide by the Convention concluded between Arbil and Baghdad? Zebari: Both, the relationship between Arbil and Baghdad is not related only to the budget, there is a range of commercial and security ties between them, there is a set of relationships needed by the parties, the country's federal but some of the people who They were or are still in the government do not understand it, but I think that Iraq will step more towards federalism steps, and currently there are relations between Erbil and Baghdad, and the rule of Brother Massoud occur several times with Iraqi Prime Minister by telephone, is an exchange of letters between them, and there are delegations. Roudao: It was scheduled a delegation from the province of Kurdistan headed to Baghdad, so why not go? Zebari: I do not know the truth, you are a mediator to go delegation to Baghdad, and got approval were determined deadline, but Baghdad was the cause once, as was the other reason for visits as well. Roudao: Is backs the go delegation from the Kurdistan region to Baghdad? Zebari: Yes, there is nothing better than to negotiate.

Roudao: It is said that the provinces federally for the year may pose, can it? Zebari: they are entitled according to the constitution, but it depends on the leaders of the Year, and whether they prefer to become a province like the province of Kurdistan, and I believe that Iraq will step more towards federalism in the future steps. Roudao: Which should wait provinces federally another, and not independence?Zebari: Yes Baknaotai, because Iraq as a country has a lot of political and economic fundamentals and regional, to get a strong external support.

Roudao: I was Minister for Foreign Affairs of Iraq for about 10 years, what is agreed Kurdish state, you are close to or that is a long way? Zebari: keep it subject to estimates circumstances, the Kurds have the right to self-determination, and this is contained in the preamble to the Constitution, which says that the Iraqi people remain together as long as it is committed to the Constitution, but if the constitution broke The opportunities available, and I say that this government is better than the previous government, there is scope to reach several agreements with them, the government is looking for more solutions, and appreciates the situation In Kurdistan, the internal problems are estimated in the province of Kurdistan, and make itself a party.

Roudao: But in terms of the budget of the Kurdistan Abadi did not do less than he did al-Maliki, why is better than him? Zebari: I'm not trying to justify to the Government of al-Abadi, but this Government has no intention to anti-Kurds, which is better than the previous government, for example, did not create any problem for the Kurdistan Regional Government that oil sells independently since June of last year, but this has a lot of default. Roudao: pain abound problems with Kurdistan Region? Zebari: No, because there was a mechanism to resolve, which is ongoing. Roudao: How do you see personal Abadi?Zebari: Abadi difficult to deal, but he collaborator, in a lot of cases, frequented in the making, but receives support from all parties in the home and abroad, is said to be an opportunity for Iraq to rid it of the war against terrorism and that the government is moving toward reform, and not be a sectarian government, or returning to Iran, so has received the largest of the former government support.

Roudao: Do you think that it is better to hold Arbil and Baghdad a new agreement is the old agreement? Zebari: Yes Baknaotai would be a good thing.