Procedures for obtaining a new financial returns

Hassan Shahid al-Azzawi / Nabil al-Shammari in order to obtain new financial revenue to support the general budget, the government agreed to the introduction of implementing border crossings with Iran, at a time when the province of Diyala agreed in principle with the Iranian side on the establishment of a water dam and a yard of trade in the border area . The governor of Wasit owner Saidi during a joint press conference with the governor of Ilam Iran's Mohammad Reza Amrawid in the Office of the province: The central government has approved the creation of a border a new port with the Islamic Republic of Iran called the border Shihabi port to connect the hand, Sheikh Saad, south of Kut, and the province of Ilam Iran. He that the new port will be supportive and Sanda border port Zurbatiyah 90 km east of Kut, indicating that the central government has also agreed to develop a new port in the province of Maysan called border graying port in the district of West Ali. He said Saidi said the local administration in Wasit also obtained the government's approval of clothing and paving the road link between Shihabi port and hand Sheikh Saad 40 kilometers back and forth, to be ready for the functioning of vehicles and buses outgoing and coming through it, However, he noted the new port is within a distance of 70 km from the Zurbatiyah border port from within the province. The counting Saidi new port closest to the cities of Karbala and Najaf, the holy, he noted that he will work to find financial sources are added to the treasury of the province austerity, adding that the port which is expected to open in the coming days will be fit to receive two thousand people a day and nearly two million people during religious events. For his part, the governor of Ilam Abdolreza Amrawid detect ready Iran fully to provide all the necessary facilities and services to accelerate the opening of the port and initiate work done. Furthermore, an official delegation of the Islamic Republic of Iran visited Diyala province, to discuss a range of economic matters with the local government. A media source in the Office of the province said the delegation, which represents Ilam Province Iran met with the Governor Muthana al-Tamimi was initially agreed on the establishment of a water dam and a yard of trade in the border region, saying that the dam will be held in the Valley Trsak border with a storage capacity of not less than three billion cubic meters.