Abadi adviser: Iraq stop the development and reconstruction, but it does not go hungry

Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Iraq stop the development and reconstruction confirmed but it does not go hungry, pointing to the need for the government to take strong decisions to support domestic production during the current year to the heart of the financial crisis for the country. He said Abdul Hussein Al-Anbuge told all of Iraq news [where], that "domestic production was slow to respond and a little flexibility Ihatj to strong doses of the State through its decisions to change the culture of the community and go to the ground and the plant and crafts Statistics for the purpose of crossing the current financial crisis experienced by the country."
He stressed economic advisor to the Prime Minister, said that "Iraq stop the development and reconstruction in it, but it does not go hungry, to provide agricultural production, especially wheat and barley, which fills about 80% of the country's need."
He noted that "the development of a fully parked, there is no investment projects and the budget only dedicated for staff salaries and the purchase of war equipment against terrorist Daash gangs.
"He predicted Anbuge, that" the country has seen during the current year 2016 a situation worse than it was in 2015, noting that the government is able to flips the equation and that there is a real production in industry and agriculture meet the needs of the country, by preventing the import and impose customs tariffs on foreign goods.
"He was President Fuad Masum said, yesterday, that the financial crisis will be one of the big challenges facing Iraq in the new year 2016.
According to the infallible in the celebration of the birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammad and the anniversary of the 59th of the founding of the Islamic Dawa Party "The big challenges that we face this year is the economic challenge that requires concerted efforts between the authorities and the people and requires the faithful real work in coordination Bien financial authorities of the state and the government and between the experts and specialists and university professors, owners of jurisdiction and the use of international experts to get to in order to avoid damage to the sharp drop in oil prices Solutions and its implications for economic and financial situation of the state and the people.
"He added," The financial crisis requires practical measures and more effective in the fight against corruption and purging the state apparatus of this scourge, which is not less dangerous than terrorism, ".