UN offers help for Iraqi refugees who are returning to Ramadi


UN offers help for refugees
Iraqis who return
To Ramadi

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Showing the Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon, on the thirtieth of December, its assistance to Iraq to restore essential services in Ramadi, and allow the refugees to quickly return to the city after retrieval from Daash. Ban Ki-moon has made this offer through a telephone conversation with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, who visited the city of Ramadi after he drove his forces to organize Daash them. Mr. Ban Ki-moon has described the restoration of Ramadi as "important victory" and stressed "the need to take measures to be taken to restore the rule of law, as well as basic services in Ramadi to allow for the return of internally displaced persons as soon as possible." The presentation of the United Nations support, also said in a statement by his spokesperson.
Widespread destruction by Iraqi officials in Ramadi and description after months of fighting that has caused the destruction of more than 3,000 homes and the presence of hundreds of improvised explosive devices scattered around the city, warning that it is too early for civilians to return to Iraq after the city recovered from the jihadists.
The Iraqi forces have declared victory on the night of 27 December, in the Battle of Ramadi, after wresting control of the government complex of the city center are gaining Daash who fled to the eastern edge of the city, and so far have not been fully cleared of IEDs.
Ban Ki-moon also expressed concern over the kidnapping of Qatari citizens in Iraq in December, called Abadi "to do everything possible to ensure their safe return."
The 26 diagonally citizen on a trip to catch the hawks in the south of Iraq, when they were kidnapped in the camp by gunmen appeared in dozens of pick-up trucks, and among those kidnapped members of the ruling family in Qatar, also included a group of children.