Investment: Saqr Baghdad investment project at a cost of $ 15 million and its goal of reducing the security breach

2016-01-04 20:16:03 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

It revealed Investment Authority, Baghdad, on Monday, that the draft (Saqr Baghdad-mail) is an investment project at a cost of $ 15 million, and stressed that he aims to reduce the phenomenon of security breach incidents of criminal inference on vehicles less as possible, as pointed out that the project uses electronic system to identify vehicles by radio waves.

The head of the Shaker Zamili in a statement that "the Commission and to keep abreast of developments located in developed countries in the field of information technology and seeking to gain access to modern service projects proceeded to grant an investment license to an investment company to create a project (Saqr Baghdad-mail), at a cost of $ 15 million," returned the project "first of its kind in the country."

He Zamili, that "the project is implemented in cooperation with the Baghdad Operations Command and the province of Baghdad," noting that "the project aims to reduce the phenomenon of security breach and to reduce criminal incidents inference on vehicles less as possible in the event of theft and confirm its security."

The Chairman of the Commission, that "the work is done by obtaining the vehicle identification cards owners after registration in designated system centers and travel 79 center," pointing out that "the project uses an electronic system to identify vehicles put a sticker on the windshield and the inside (RFID TAG) and that by radio waves to control the vehicle. "

Recalls that project a new step in a series of projects approved by the Investment Commission of Baghdad and that will contribute to "enhance" security in the capital Baghdad, while initiating work will start by the beginning of this year, according to what was confirmed by the Commission.

The Baghdad Operations Command in (January 2, 2016) called for, the owners of all vehicles to register their vehicles to the Ad Hoc system "Saqr Baghdad e-centers" for their own tariff identity, usually it serves can the security services of reasoning on their vehicles as "time record "and undermine" terrorism and any criminal activity "Last practiced use.