Ports denies developed the "black list" and calls for activating the "maritime power" to return to the "white"

2016-01-04 20:43:05 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Denied the General Company for Ports of Iraq, on Monday, it has been included in the "marine black list", and stressed that it is serious is seeking to return to the list of white through the application of international standards, as called for activating the "maritime power" and subdue the security and service agencies located in ports have like including the case in the world was based in Iraq by the previous regime.

A spokesman for the company Anmar net in an interview to the (long-Presse), said that "Iraq has become during the reign of the former regime, outside the white list because of the procedures and mechanisms that were followed in a timely manner," noting that "the company is seeking for years to return to the white list by attending conferences and seminars and participate in events and maritime activities and the payment of the prescribed fees as well as the application of mechanisms and standards set by international organizations concerned with maritime affairs. "

Net promised, that "it does not mean that Iraq admitted to the blacklist, being serious about working to comply with international standards in preparation for returning to the white list," noting that "the Iraqi ports company seeking to do so during the current year 2016".

He said a company spokesman, said "many committees and international organizations visited the Iraqi ports and briefed on the existing regulations and found them within the required specifications and assured us that Iraq is eligible to enter the white list."

He called net, to "activate the Maritime Authority in Iraqi ports," pointing out that "the ports witnessing today the presence of a lot of security and service departments chock Kalkmark, taxation, health, agriculture, environment, etc., which operate at about semi-independent it."

He said a spokesman for the General Company for Ports of Iraq, that "the countries of the whole world authorities in ports Maritime Authority subject," asserting that "the existence of those circles under the misleading Maritime Authority will provide a central in the work complete and smooth, as was the case in Iraq until the end of the year 1960".

Referred to the naval expert, Kazem cup Hamami said in an interview to the (long-Presse), during the year 2013, that "the inclusion of Iraq in the marine whitelist allows ships to raise the Iraqi flag in the seas, and to conclude agreements freely with other countries, also allows him to claim financial Bmsthakath with other parties.

The experts in maritime affairs, recently warned of a possible entry of Iraqi ports in the "black list" because of the sanctions has been imposed by the international maritime organizations as a result of lack of activating the role of the safe management of ships and facilities located there.