A member of the parliamentary finance: loans and austerity measures will not solve the crisis unless the struggling thieves of public money

2016/1/4 10:23

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Saw a member of the parliamentary finance committee Majida al-Tamimi, said on Monday that what taken by Iraq of austerity measures and the reduction of salaries and external borrowing and maximize its resources would not benefit in solving the financial crisis unless the curb corruption and to stop the theft of money the world capital because all the money obtained of the procedures vulnerable to theft.

Said al-Tamimi told {Euphrates News} that "the deterioration of the financial situation not only in Iraq but in a lot of countries in the world with a financial crisis due to low oil prices, particularly those that depend on oil, mainly, including Iraq."

It showed that "some States were able to develop other revenue decreased level of risk for them because their situation better than countries that rely on oil only, "asserting that" Iraq will not go bankrupt and needs to move to other resources such as religious tourism, which did not take them well, but there is a lot of waste, We need to packs in money management, ".

She said that" Iraq has the presence of churches and archaeological sites and sacred thresholds if concern in Iraq was a good imports in addition to customs, very large Revenue is but corruption is destroyed, as well as measures taken by the government for income economy Development where corruption, including economic loans."

She stressed that" Iraq does not need any external financial loan if he can adjust its financial management and interested in its resources in non-oil ", noting that" the country has not struggling warheads big corruption while the law is applied to the involved staff of corruption small, including bribery and the other with leave large files."

She stressed," We are with the corrupt accountable any were their positions and the size of those involved the files, whether small or large."

She added that" any loan or make reduce spending or new resources entering the country will be stolen by corrupt ", stressing that Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi" beating at the hands of corrupt and that the Parliament and all the regulators with him in the procedures deterrent. "

Concluded Al-Tamimi that" Iraq is on the verge of a difficult year but it is easy to take measures to end all difficulties by dealing with the financial s extradition However, specialists, and must Integrity with jurisdiction available two will guarantee the advancement of the financial and economic file."

Witnessed Iraq and most of the world economic and financial crisis as a result of the big drop the price of oil, and the continuing minimization to much less than the cost of production per barrel in some countries the level of, and arrange on this matter Iraq declares a state of austerity and reduced government spending and other measures as a result of the economy's dependence on oil.

The deterioration in the price of oil the most prominent event during the year 2015, where I arrived in December last prices to $ 38 a barrel, which is less than the referee in the state budget at a price of $ 45 a barrel 1 per .anthy