Parliament confirms: I do not fear for their 2016 salaries and mandatory vacations for employees

01/03/2016 22:46

Long-Presse / Baghdad
Assured the House of Representatives, yesterday, the Iraqi government's ability to pay its employees during 2016, denying reports that government efforts to cut staff salaries or grant compulsory licenses.

He stressed deputies, of various committees, on Iraq's ability to overcome the financial crisis during the current year, particularly with regard to the payment of salary, if he is able to end the challenge of Daash which accounts for a large proportion of the budget in 2016.

He revealed the formation of the House of Representatives for the three presidencies economic commission to study the government objections to items added by the Parliament on the draft budget.

And the voice of the House of Representatives, on December 16 last, a majority of those present on the draft budget for fiscal 2016 worth in excess of 105 trillion dinars law, and a deficit of more than 24 trillion dinars.

Revealed (range), the end of last month, about the efforts of the Government of the appeal by 10-Abadi added the Finance Committee in Parliament on the 2016 budget without knowing the terms.

In this context, Mahabs Razak MP, member of the Parliamentary Committee on Energy, says that "to increase oil production sector will be capable of reducing the developments in the current budget deficit as well as to overcome the hardship and the financial crisis facing the Iraqi government."

And confirms Mahabs, told the (range), that "the employees' salaries, through 2016, will be locked and no fear from this suffocating financial crisis because of the potential increase in the oil," denying "the existence of a deficit or intention by the government to give staff compulsory leave and reduce their salaries."

The attention of a member of the Energy Committee that "the budget year 2016 ensured the presence of the employees' salaries in full without any significant change, delay or reduce", adding that "the economic crisis is a global crisis does not belong to Iraq alone." But Mahabs see that "Iraq is heavily influenced by the crisis in view of the substantial dependence on oil for which prices fell."

A member of the block and a coalition of state law for "the formation of the three presidencies economic committee in order to provide solutions to the government for the advancement of the Iraqi economy."

The three presidencies met last week and agreed to form an economic committee to study and mitigate the effects of the economic crisis.

He Mahabs saying "this committee will begin studying the economic situation of Iraq in order to develop appropriate solutions to get out of financial crisis."

Parliamentary Finance Committee, says that "economic committee", aimed at the study of the government's objections to the amendments that the House of Representatives on the wages budget law.

MP says Hamadoun pros, a member of the parliamentary committee, said that "this committee will provide a thorough study on the reality of the economic crisis experienced by Iraq with the potential to get out of this distress that we are going through the solutions."

She said Hamadoun, in an interview with the (range), "our committee has not yet looked at the details of this committee, and when it will start its work, and what are to be provided by the vision", but acknowledged that the country would face "a difficult economic situation this year."

On the other hand expresses (Union of Forces) optimism about Iraq's ability to ensure the payment of salary of employees during 2016 "successfully without any problem", but he believed that Iraq would face a real crisis in early 2017.

MP says Abdel Azim and Healing (range), that "the continued deterioration of oil prices, with decisiveness with Daash delayed, will make the Iraqi government in a dilemma of great economic crisis and we will see the beginning of the last months of this year and Taatdd to next year."

Healing and pointed out that "a large part of the budget goes to support the military effort to liberate areas of Daash," adding that in the event of defeat Daash, during the current year, we will emerge from the difficult economic crisis.