Parliamentary Finance reveal the current budget materials contested by the prime minister


BAGHDAD / new evidence
Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed paragraphs added to the financial budget and challenged by the government, as described government appeal abstract of the powers of the House of Representatives and an encroachment on the Aldstor.oukalt committee member Majda al-Tamimi said that "the Council of Ministers decided to appeal to all additives to the financial budget for the current year, including Cancel paragraph identifying private cars Balriasat three to five cars and capitalism supplies cuts and deductions 3% and given the popular crowd, as well as requiring the employee cars and expenses for fuel maintenance costs ", noting that" all the materials mentioned were canceled from the current fiscal budget. "She added:" There are other materials challenged by the government, notably the cancellation of paragraph reducing the functional class of the Directors of the three presidencies offices of the Minister to the Director General, along with eliminating the role of the House of Representatives for discussion and review of external financial borrowing before granting successful cabinet, "arguing challenged the government to" paragraphs of the financial budget for the current year breach the articles of the Constitution and stripping the House of Representatives of the legislative function. "