Iraq market recorded a slight increase in equity-December

Sunday January 3 2016

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
Iraq Stock Exchange, announced Sunday, for a slight increase in stock trading value and by 3 percent to 18 billion dinars in December, while the Securities Commission decided to suspend trading for 19 companies.

And systems market during the month of December the past 17 daily session in the formal market and 8 sessions in the second market, the number of companies traded 66 companies out of 98 companies listed in the market, with the market index closed ISX60 at the end of the month of December at 730.56 points, its rise of 1.66 % compared to its value in October, amounting to 718.640 points.

The trading market during the last December 41.707 billion shares and the increase of rate of 3.67% compared to November of last month, which amounted to stock the 40.229 billion shares, while the value of shares traded amounted to 41.536 billion dinars, and a rise of 35% compared to November of last month, which amounted to Alsahm where 27.627 billion dinars, while the number of transactions amounted to 9260 deal.

The number of traded shares purchased from non-Iraqi 2.368 billion shares valued at financial 4.609 million dinars through the implementation of the 1132 deal, while the stock of unsold non-Iraqi investors amounted to 4.315 billion shares valued at financial 3.796 million dinars through the implementation of the 1205 deal.

Decided Securities Commission shut down 19 companies from trading their decisions to non-compliance with the instructions of financial disclosure, while the six companies remain stalled for trading and as of last August for failure to submit annual financial statements for 2014 for the body and for the market and the companies included Sadeer hotel and transfer of petroleum products and electronic industries Modern Pigments The Canadian production of veterinary vaccines, and Sadeer Hotel.

The Iraq Stock Exchange was founded in June 2004, and was approved by the manual trading, and in April 2009 electronic trading adopted in part by some companies, began trading electronically for companies listed in the year 2010, and traded in the market 95 subsidiary of the eight sectors banking, industrial, hotel, tourism, agriculture, investment, and insurance, in addition to communications.