A tragic end (of Hitler Iraq) Nuri al-Maliki

Dated: January 3, 2016

Khaled Qaraghouli
Politics: trap and a deep well of caves dark was signed by irreversibly many who considered himself the sole leader or the savior of mankind, the German as the leader Adolf Hitler, who committed suicide with his dog and burned to death and buried with the mistress of Hitler in an unknown location, and took Hitler as an example of the thousands of tyrants and prostitutes who filled their brief history and slabs of injustice and turned and Dzooa human to the owner and is owned by the rich and the poor because Hitler was adopted at the export faith to the German people on the lie of racial superiority race Aryan on the rest of the people as well as the variability ideology of intellectual camp to another and meet what imposed by the psychological illnesses and held inferiority!
This humanitarian Magenta of Hitler .. Twenty-five million people dead and Fifty Million among the wounded and disabled and the prisoner and the division of the world into small and spreading poverty and ruin, disease and epidemics and problems of the world so far .. in Iraq is up to us Hitler another nickname (Abu Isra) remained in hiding in the post of Iraqi prime minister for eight years turning it from a seller of beads to the largest property owners in the world and owns private jets and financial balances beyond imagination and relationships with mafias international smuggling of antiquities, sale and purchase of arms and the installation of ministers and governors, this patient asshole think much of his followers that bridge to escape the predicament of chaos Political in Iraq, it is an Iraqi Shiite Arab (was) in the opposition and leader of the Dawa Party .. tall and speaks in a manner leading voice bold and rhythm commensurate with the size of the words and foreign medical glasses! He Bart drawing repeatedly inflicted Iraqis into the trap of false figures illiteracy backward admiration, this apparent al-Maliki The inwardly and in spite of all circumstances experienced by Iraq during the years of his prime minister remained a mystery .. The Sunnis believed that a moderate politician has to be negotiated with him and reach a solution Aftart them Presidency The ministry in the second term with those who led the negotiations with al-Maliki dialogue secular Shi'ite campaign leading political bloc of the Sunni (Ayad Allawi) .. and the Kurds have long stated at the beginning of coming to power that the Iraqi politician is very appropriate to negotiate and get their demands before they turn against him .. The Shiites, still Shia south, support and advocate al-Maliki, yet they themselves repelled and annihilated velayat-e faqih and export the Iranian revolution and crush the Iranian army in the Iran-Iraq war (1980- 1988) Maoouka al-Maliki in the same predicament in which the predecessors signed who believed that the Shia south of supporters but they turned two days only two, unlike the Shiites began to middle discontent and opposition to the owners of a clear and infiltrate the closest they are leaders of the Dawa Party in the words of one of the most prominent leaders Sheikh Jamal agent who called for al-Maliki, trial and imprisonment on charges of corruption and treason!
All these data Maliki did not deterred from continuing in his career doomed to failure and to seek, gather support from the Shiite south, specifically some opponents Sunnis, who promised them positions in the event of coming to power again the Kurds not be clarified them and their position because it is premature, as announced by a politicians hinting at the return of assumptions and blackmail and sale receivables between Kurds and Maliki .. Abu Isra expose himself a few days ago and ended his political career and committed suicide a few words in front of a rally of the people of Basra have been collecting sums of money to distribute them before the beginning of the month of Ramadan last few days and promises of distributing new lands!
It was possible to deliberate and prevarication and adoption of symbolic speech in front of the media, but Abu Isra poor and because of his ignorance and his folly and recklessness and haste detonated a bomb season roared back and his heart vindictive Black and his tongue while the accused more than five million Sunni displaced people they have declared war on the Shiites! Can the Iraqi children make an error such as this error?! I answered in the negative Iraqis are Shiites and Sunnis invented to show new methods in Dictionary pleasantries forgetting rudeness politicians and their lies Valsna a bridge Bzabz leaving his home and his money, displaced from his hometown received by Shiites in their homes welcoming unlike politicians, imposing a fictional restrictions limit the influx of displaced people to Baghdad and the cities of the center, even if things remain far from any Iraqi political intervention occurred to any problem unchanged ..
This is what earned Iraq and Iraqis from the accumulation of bad occupation represented in detecting and exposing the Prime Minister of their country papers for eight years, which calls for a civil war shamelessly and shamelessly as the world reap the Germans of Hitler .. Maliki felt that hooped of his party and closest former associates has resorted to the people simple .. addressed the elected sample from the poor south, particularly in Basra which is witnessing a revolution between localization customers and their commander, Wael Abdul Latif, and between the national line and appealed for unity and survival of Basra within one Iraq .. and the wonders of the things that al-Maliki first and more and more of blocking the province of Basra and calls Alinver Prodigal corrupt than some of its politicians Now he is these the establishment of the territory in the event of coming to power again .. personally I did not wish that al-Maliki ends this funny end because I have not read in the dictionaries of politics and lexicons stupidity like this and call for all Iraqis to stand up to this axis is supported .. and Well Maliki did when it has the rest of his composure (if owned) and revealed faction nestles inside the corridors of the scenes Shiite undeclared and will find it applauds him and carried over the shoulders of accrued on the thrones of robberies, looting and trafficking in the blood of the Iraqis .. The street Shiite Iraqi National authentic is the first counteracted tramp of Iraqi politics and the reason for its destruction and the basis of sedition among Iraqis called Nuri al-Maliki!