Kuwait-Maliki to cancel the deal «FAO» Partnership in exchange for «Mubarak»
07.03.2012 0:00

The future of Iraq / special
before heading Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, to Kuwait, sources familiar with and close to the Oval Office, that «the partnership deal is equal prepared to put forward during his visit to Kuwait on the port of Mubarak after secret meetings between him and the Kuwaiti officials». The sources indicated that «the deal is to enter Iraq as a partner« strategic »with Kuwait in the management of the port and by up to 30% compared to that believes in Baghdad dry canal proposed to serve the port of Kuwait after the diversion and linking it». She noted that «there are agreements will take place, between Iraq and Kuwait on customs duties, transport and use, that canceled the idea of a port of Faw », adding that« this is the deal before the final solution to resolve the crisis ».