Baghdad Investment: give us 341 investment license at a cost of $ 15 billion since the formation of the body

Date: 01/03/2016 11:39

Information / BAGHDAD / ..

Baghdad Investment Authority announced on Sunday, for granted (341) investment license at a cost of fifteen billion dollars since the formation of the body until the end of 2015, noting that the holiday was in all sectors.

The head of the Shaker Zamili in a statement received by the agency / information / copy of it, "the Commission and in an effort to make efforts to support the investment process and in the different sectors and because of its great importance in the lifting of the economic and urban level to maintain year after year Tzafart efforts to move forward to activate the investment business according to the Investment Law No. 13 of 2006, amended. "

He added that "the Commission granted (341) Investment vacation at a cost of more than fifteen billion was the share in 2015 (43) Investment License distributed to various sectors in the residential sector was granted (7) leave and commercial (21) leave and tourism ( 6) leave either in the industrial sector has been granted (3) educational leave and (3) leave and health (2) and agricultural (1). "

Zamili and stressed that "the Commission has faced many obstacles that impacted significantly on the number of investment projects in the past years, which have been bypassed in coordination with the relevant authorities."

And the Chairman of the Commission that "the technical staff in the Commission continues to follow the investment projects to see the progress of work and stand on the problems faced by investment companies on the ground and to work to solve them with the relevant authorities in order to be implemented according to the time limit planned" .anthy / 25 R.