Infallible approve the General Budget Law

Author: BS, HH
Editor: BS, HH 2016/01/03 15:35

Long-Presse / Baghdad
Announced the Presidency of the Republic, on Sunday, President Fuad Masum authentication on the federal budget for the 2016 law, while tightened to control unnecessary expenses and provide basic services to social segments of low-income.

The official spokesman for the Presidency of the Republic Khaled Huani, in a statement, received (range Press), a copy of which, "The President of the Republic Fuad Masum, honest today, on the federal budget of the Republic of Iraq for fiscal year 2016 (1)."

He Huani, that "the president renewed his thanks and appreciation for all the efforts that have contributed to the preparation of the budget, study, review and discussion and enacted a project, whether in the government or in the House of Representatives or in the media, which role was vital in all these stages."

And the transfer of Shawnee, confirm the President of the Republic on the "importance of adhering to adjust unnecessary expenses and taking into account the low-income social strata service and provision of basic services in this emergency situation through which the country."

The Iraqi Council of Representatives, approved by an absolute majority, during its meeting of the 45th of the first legislative term of the second legislative year, which was held, in the (16 December 2015), headed by its President Saleem al-Jubouri and the presence of 242 deputies, in the next 20126 budget by 105 trillion and 800 billion dinars, the share of the Kurdistan region of which 17 percent, despite the claim of a coalition of law reduced to 13 percent.

The Iraqi Council of Ministers approved, in (18 October 2015), the financial budget for the coming year 2016, B113 trillion Iraqi dinars and a deficit of 30 trillion dinars.