Infallible approve the federal budget for the current year law

01/03/2016 15:39

BAGHDAD / obelisk announced presidential spokesman Khaled Huani, Sunday, President Fuad Masum endorsement of the federal budget law for the current year, among the president stressed the importance of adhering to adjust unnecessary expenses and the provision of basic social services a few slices of income.

Said Huani in a press statement issued by the Information Office of the Presidency of the Republic, and I followed, "obelisk", "The President Fuad Masum, honest, on Sunday, the Federal Budget Law No. (1) for the current year," explaining that "the President stressed on this occasion the importance of adhering to adjust expenses unnecessary and taking into account the low-income social strata service and provision of basic services in this emergency situation through which the country. "

He Huani, that "the President of the Republic reiterated his thanks and appreciation for all the efforts that have contributed to the preparation of the budget, study, review and discussion and legislation, whether in the government or in the House of Representatives or in the media, which role was vital in all these phases of the project."

The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers directed, on Sunday, some ministries have filed an appeal with the Federal Court in the amendments made by the House of Representatives on certain paragraphs of the 2016 budget.

And it warned the parliamentary bloc of the Alliance of Iraqi forces, in (December 30, 2015), the government of trying to challenge the terms of 2016 budget, arguing that such a move if I got it "a coup against the constitution," while threatened to withdraw its ministers from the government and lift the lid on any one of them does not stand with displaced people and volunteers.