Deputy for the province of Basra, threatening the export of oil locally

02/01/2016 03:19 PM

Basra / follow-up to the Orient:
Threatened MP for the province of Basra, Khalaf Abdul Samad Khalaf, on Saturday, the central government Basra oil export in case of failure to respond to the demands of Congress maintain that summed up the fulfillment of all customizations related to Basra. Abdul Samad said: "The central government has neglected the province of Basra in previous budgets and neglected today without any justification." He added that "this province faces big problems in terms of services and investment and tarry projects in addition to the low economic level where," explaining that "Congress Basra Lennon collecting signatures in order to export oil locally in the event of failure to respond to their demands of increasing conservative allocations and interest in them." Abdul Samad and called on the government to "activate the economic and service projects in Basra, especially in light of the state of public austerity." The variety of segments of the sons of the province of Basra have demanded a referendum to declare Basra province, stressing that Basra is Iraq bread salt at the time did not get their rights, according to the saying.