Iraq: Results of the national meeting would meet at his time of Arbil agreements

Wednesday, 07 March / March 2012 10:50

Twilight News / questioned the Iraqi List, Wednesday, of the political blocs able to resolve all outstanding disputes and issues at the national meeting is anticipated, while the view that what will result of the meeting of the national results be ignored as is the case with agreements Arbil.
The MP said the appearance of al-Janabi, the Iraqi List, in an interview with "Twilight News" that "the national meeting depends on the activation of Arbil and agreements including those agreements that are not applied during the last term and parked aside the results of the meeting would meet the same fate."
The al-Janabi, that "the Iraqi List, supports the Arab summit in Iraq, according to what is advertised, but is supposed to create the atmosphere by solving the internal differences between the political blocs," expected to "achieve the summit good results, and will return Iraq to its status as international and regional."
It was supposed to hold a preparatory committee for the national meeting, last Friday, a meeting has been postponed but not to attend on the back of the Iraqi List, which is the third time that the preparatory meeting postponed out of five meetings.