Parliamentary committee reveal the reasons for slowing down the implementation of government reforms

01/02/2016 14:12 pm (Baghdad time)

Special - scales News
Revealed the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, it said on Saturday that the government will begin to work to achieve the reforms demanded by the citizens through the weekly demonstrations, and after the completion of some important files preoccupied by the government as processes of liberalization and others.

Said committee member Abdul Karim Alabtan L / scales News /, that "the main reason for the slowdown in the implementation of reforms is that preoccupied with the war against Daash economic crisis and political consensus government," stressing that "after the victories achieved by the Iraqi army forces stage, it will be the reforms of the first Whether the functions of government in the judicial career, agricultural or industrial field, etc., to the fact that parliament is the legitimate port to these demands and reforms nor for any silent or ignore procrastination by the ministries and departments concerned in the implementation. "

He Alabtan, "The demonstration is a right guaranteed in the constitution and citizens' demands legitimate to fight corruption and out of political sectarianism and improve other sectoral situation", adding that "the prime minister Haider al-Abadi far from quotas and sectarian aristocratic government to adopt in order to lift Iraq from its crises no later more than 6 months, and the successful minister must move away from belonging to any political bloc so that it can provide and the success of the reform. "

The streets of the Iraqi capital Baghdad and some provinces witnessing weekly demonstrations to protest against poor services and the deterioration of economic conditions and others, demanding the government to implement reforms that threaten them for months. It ended 29/38