Parliamentary Finance: profitable state-owned companies do not belong to the state treasury funds

12.31.2015 at 10:10 (GMT Baghdad)

Special - scales News
He stressed the Finance Committee member Hossam punitive, Thursday, on the need to reconsider revenues Winning subsidiaries Finance to the ministries of oil and attributing the cause to the fact that companies accrue to the federal treasury is very weak capitalizing, while pointing to the need to review the levies and the Ministry of Electricity to see the possibility of cancellation of the allocations in the budget.

He said the punitive L / scales News /, that "there are profitable companies in the Ministry of Finance and the oil has to be reconsidered revenues and it is possible that there will be a profitable company, according to the Companies Act and the result back to the federal treasury is very weak capitalizing on," stressing that "it is taken advantage of those companies are the owners of the company itself of monthly and annual earnings. "

He added that "it is necessary and during the financial crisis experienced by Iraq to be a review of the revenue of those companies," calling on all ministries that have self-financed companies, including the Ministry of Electricity Review Jpayadtha to "find out the possibility of cancellation of the financial allocation in the budget and bring in excess of those levies to the Federal Treasury. "

He pointed out, that "Iraq is passing through a difficult financial conditions requires us to know where the money out," and urged the government to "review all its properties and its properties and its revenues and its debt out of the current crisis." Ended 29/4 e