"State law" and "Sadrists" step up with the Kurds
Posted 06/03/2012 05:43 PM

BAGHDAD - "squares of liberation"
Ascended the coalition of "state law" and the "Sadrists" from Ahjtehma with the "Kurdish Alliance" on the back of the survival of Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi in Kurdistan, which is demanding the National Alliance for the Elimination of presenting charges of terrorism.
A member of the coalition of "state law", WIN in the "National Alliance", Saad Muttalibi that there is "genuine mass pressure from central and southern Iraq on the political blocs, especially the National Alliance demanding a re-formulation of strategic alliances."

The logistical in an interview that "the citizens began to complain and say that the Kurds partner can not rely on them, and the Kurdish leaders took this into account," adding that "the citizen calls for the National Alliance to re-evaluate the strategic relationship with the Kurds and the search to establish a new relationship with the Arab partners and is intended relationship with the Iraqi List. "
This comes at a time in which it accused "block free" representative of the Sadrist movement, on Tuesday, the county to "encroach upon the Constitution and act as if in another country."
The MP said the bloc Jawad Hasnawi in an interview that "the differences between Kurdistan and national alliances are many and varied," warning that "in the event of continued performance of the Kurdistan Alliance, as it is now, crisis escalation, and will feature the relationship between him and the National Alliance."

Hashemi is it an excuse to escalate against the Kurds?

Hasnawi added that "there are many files are mines can be exploded at any moment, and warns of escalation," noting that "most of those files Iraqi oil exports from the Kurdistan region and a file-Hashemi."
The Hasnawi that "the essence of the dispute with the National Alliance in the case of Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi, is the failure of the authority of the Kurdistan region for delivering it to the Iraqi judiciary in Baghdad," adding that refrain, "a violation of the Constitution."
The MP for "block free" that "is not entitled to this side or that to take from the Constitution what you want and leave what you want, because it is the foremost authority of the laws and authorities, which al-Faisal to resolve internal conflicts", describing the position of the authority of the territory, the issue of al-Hashemi, a "strange ".
He Hasnawi that "federal authority represented by the Ministries of Justice and the Interior, appeared before the Government of another country which is demanding the restoration of al-Hashemi," and wondered, "Is federalism means Disclaimer regions from its obligations of national Should the Iraqi army to defend the Kurdistan region in the case of a foreign aggression, which is Today refuses to comply with the Constitution. "