Political analyst: 2015 lacked a high-profile political events, and concluded a great military victory

The Director of the Strategic Studies Center, political analyst and confident Hashemi justified the lack of 2015 to the high-profile political events, the existence of conflicts and differences of opinion between the views of Iraqi politicians.
He told all of Iraq news [where], "The 2015 lacked high-profile political events as possible that the change of the conditions of the country and taking it a step forward, because of the continued existence of many problems and conflicts and differences in views among Iraqi politicians."
He also added " The 2015 sealed a senior military completion of the liberation of gray from gangs Daash terrorist, this is a feat most prominent during the year.
"At the global level, the Director of the Center for Strategic Studies pointed out that" 2015 saw significant moves against terrorism represented international conference to combat terrorism and a private conference 20 in Turkey and the Paris Conference when the world decided to change his strategy of a protracted war with terrorism to placed militarily and intellectually terminated, and this a sign that the world began to change the way to fight terrorism.
"The Joint Special Operations Command announced yesterday the first edit of Ramadi of terrorists Daash, while lose prime minister Haider al-Abadi yesterday afternoon military units in the center of Ramadi government compound and blessed her victories to organize Daash Alarhabiy.