Stop the Department of Labor market conditions Senate in preparation for the work of the national card

Interior Ministry announced, on Tuesday, that the general sexual Directorate decided to stop working in conditions of Suq circle from next Sunday to the 12th of the month of January next, while attributed this to prepare for the work of the issuance of the national card. The ministry said in a statement received, Sumerian News, a copy of it, that "the general sexual Directorate decided to stop working in the circle of market conditions Senate Dhi Qar province, starting on Sunday 01/03/2016 until 01/12/2016 day.", the ministry added that "the directorate attributed this to get ready for action issue a national card in the circuit in question, and be audited by booking mail. "The prime minister Haider al-Abadi said earlier, that the national card project is a means of simplifying the procedures, while stressing the need to ensure the privacy of the citizen. The Interior Ministry announced Sunday the (20 September 2015), the launch of the project of a unified national card, and promised to ease the burden on the citizen and contribute to the strengthening of the national security, as set time limit for the project five years, stressed that the procedures Asthsalha would be "very easy" . The general sexual Directorate, announced on Thursday (September 10 2015) to determine the true and actual work starting to project a unified national card, next Sunday, as pointed out that the work will be part of a special mechanism to register by e-mail set by the Directorate, confirmed that the card will contribute ease the red tape in official transactions of the citizens. It is said that the Iraqi government has launched, in, (the 25th of July 2015), the national card project, while the president has called for, Haider al-Abadi, the House of Representatives to law and security for the benefits of the legislation, the Conservatives called for the provision of buildings and facilities for the issuance because the simplification of procedures and a means of dealing with corruption. The value of the national card project, which signed a contract the Iraqi government with the companies (LG YAG) and Atlas $ 120 million for a period of five years there will be 350 version circle for this card generality of the Iraqi provinces. Has been contracted by the Iraqi government, in (the eighth of October 2013), with German company to issue a unified smart card, in a move she said was "abbreviated winning routine in state institutions and the removal manipulation of important documents and enhancing security and ensure the functioning of the electoral process by about sound.