Iraq is making a "standard" rates from the southern oil fields being strengthened "fastest" growing exporters Worlds

2015-12-30 23:53:05 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Informed industry sources, on Wednesday, for enabling Iraq to achieve a "standard" export rates from the southern oil fields, during December, the current, usually that enhanced the role of Iraq as a "faster" oil exporters, growth in the global market during the year 2015 despite difficult conditions experienced as a result of his war against the (Daash) and anxiety of the possibility of blocking the low price growth rates of production.

The industrial sources of oil familiar with the data loading, "Iraq's oil exports from the southern fields, reached through December, the current, to three million and 270 thousand barrels per average day," noting that "it is equivalent to almost standard export rates through November 2015, which amounted to three million and 370 thousand barrels that promise high Iraqi officials and unprecedented. "

They said those sources, that "Iraqi exports have achieved very high numbers, and they may exceed the maximum energy pipelines border."

While Iraqi officials and oil experts predicted, that "Iraq's oil exports growth rates increase during the next year in 2016 but at a slower pace than in the current year 2015".

It is noteworthy that Iraq adopt an ambitious plan to increase its oil exports and regain its place in the global markets, as well as compensate the decline in imports as a result of falling oil prices.