The government plans to appeal with 10 paragraphs added by Parliament in the budget without her knowledge

2015-12-30 23:49:42 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Cabinet awaits the presidency ratify the 2016 budget law, and published in the Gazette of Iraq to provide his appeals before the Federal Court on some items.

According to a parliamentary government leaks that appeals reach more than 10, in the forefront of the abolition of parliament for the budgets of unions and social clubs, as well as deducting the salaries of retirees.

Parliamentary Finance Committee and express surprise at the government's decisions, especially after receiving a pledge from Prime Minister not to provide any appeals on the budget before the Federal Court, but admits have made transfers without taking government approval.

The Cabinet decided, in its last session, the appeal in certain paragraphs of the general budget for 2016.

The House of Representatives on 17 of this month passed, and an absolute majority, the federal budget for 2016, which amounted to 105 trillion dinars and a deficit up to 24 trillion dinars law, the adoption of the price of a barrel of oil to 45 dollars.

He acknowledged members of the Finance Committee, he added 16 items to the draft budget sent by the Cabinet to the parliament.

In this context, says MP Najiba Najib, a member of the Committee on Economy and Investment, said that "the government can not make her appeal to the budget law before the Federal Court only after publication in the official newspaper the facts", and suggested the presidency authentication on the budget next week.

She explained Najib (range), that "the main points expected to be challenged are the paragraphs that included the reallocation of budgets syndicates and unions, social clubs and converted into the budgets of the crowd and displaced persons", recognizing that "the parliamentary Finance Committee did not take the government's opinion in this transaction."

He adds MP from the Kurdistan Democratic Party bloc by saying "on the vote on the budget bill collected the signatures of 50 deputies to demand the abolition of grants and aid, trade unions, associations and clubs, recreational and convert them into the crowd and displaced persons."

She MP Najiba Najib "It is material that is expected to be challenged is to reduce pensions by 3% like the staff." And it confirms by saying "it is not possible inclusion of pensioners affected by the cuts, which was intended from behind to bridge the budget deficit gap."

Kurdish MP says that "among the points that will challenge them is the question of the issuance of treasury bonds, which are estimated at $ 12 billion, to cover the entitlements of international oil companies, which added a paragraph Atranha Finance Committee approval of the House of Representatives."

MP Najib and stresses that "the government were not satisfied with the transfers and adjustments that reward the House of Representatives without taking its consent, which will be paid for the filing of the appeal to the Federal Court to those substances that have been added."

And member of the Committee draws the economy that "Parliament added nearly 15 articles on the budget sent by the Government Act", expected to be challenged by paragraphs 9 of them.

On the other hand the Finance Committee says that the prime minister Haider al-Abadi, who attended a lot of meetings, have vowed not to appeal against the budget before the Federal Court.

He denies MP Ahmed Hama Rasheed, Rapporteur of the Finance Committee, aware of his committee materials that will come the government to appeal, but he also said, "but transfers turned on the popular crowd and displaced persons and the province of Basra and balancing the parliament", admitting that the transfers "in which the government opinion was not taken."

MP Rashid indicates that "the government's decision to appeal was a surprise to us because the prime minister was present at all the meetings that were held by the Finance Committee and state commissions to review and amend the budget."

In turn, says Hossam punitive MP, member of the Finance Committee, that "the rules of procedure of the House of Representatives gives the right to collect fifty signatures to modify or cancel or add any substance." He explained that "in the vote on the budget session was introduced to abolish Article budgets recreational clubs, unions and trade unions."

And confirms Deputy punitive (range), that "the Finance Committee amended the budget after the budgets of unions reduced from 6 billion dinars each to three billion dinars, after collecting fifty Twaqie Congress demanded the transfer of these appropriations to the crowd and the displaced."

Economic Commission in turn account for "the abolition of allowances unions of the large fiscal deficit up to 24 trillion dinars."

MP says Capt. Abdul Karim (range), "the Finance Committee considered cut and delete a lot of expenses to save money to fill the budget deficit."

He pointed out that the Captain "some MPs pointed out that the unions and social clubs have a monthly and yearly subscriptions can stroll through its affairs."