Zubaidi project opens the entry of workers and companies to Baghdad International Airport

12/30/2015 9:10
Follow-up / Iraq today
Transport Minister, Baqir al-Zubaidi opened entry system project workers and businesses to Baghdad International Airport, and the project is located within the airport and in a modern building of the project, which is equipped with the latest international standards for the issuance of badges wings.
Al-Zubaidi and listen to an interview with the project manager who gave a detailed explanation of the goals created that has been done in accordance with international standards adopted by the World Organization for International flight for the application of policies on the identities of entry airports
In light of this, the minister face the formation of specialized committees (technical and administrative) for the feasibility study and for two months Tzafart efforts of the IT department in the ministry with the Committee of Experts, specialists and companies sober concerned with information technology and of company (access) for the completion of this work, which is an essential step for the security of airports and aircraft and the latest E-roads where it will be for each Bagh area of ​​the movement at the airport and can continue working and bearers in any area of ​​the Airport Movement
This is the face of al-Zubaidi, thanks to all of Ashraf and contributed to the success of this project, which will add a touch of civilization to Baghdad airport and it is hoped circulated to other Iraqi airports
It is worth mentioning that the project will bring important data most notably (feat speed and ease Find asking IDS) in addition to the output of information serving field security work for the management of the airport