Gray liberated will not survive after a day of municipal services !!
Today Iraq / Baghdad
What has been achieved in the gray of the victory of Iraqis into what is known as the "organization Daash", broadcast activity in the service of state institutions, to do what can be done there .. In order to retrieve them from the reality of the tragic services, including will facilitate the lives of citizens and the return of displaced Viha.mder public municipalities, This activity revealed checked first:
"Based on the directives of the Minister of Construction and Housing and public municipalities - Tariq Kikhany, Auazna circuits service in Anbar province, a campaign major cleaning, to clean up cities and cosmetics, and agriculture moderation carrots, and lift the debris, and repair the streets of Altaksvat, after the liberation of the terrorist gangs Daash", and things that would not survive the concerns of municipal services, issue us the head of the municipalities: "The campaign should include maintenance and Aksaiha asphalt roads .. along with dye sidewalks and planting moderation carrots, and open most of the roads that have been closed debris and dust", and it seems that the achievement of these endeavors , will require "the involvement of all the technical and engineering cadres major campaign, to reach the goal, which is to raise the service level in the province, and provide better services to citizens," and we stay in the world of the consequences of the victory achieved in Ramadi, where he announced Iraq's formal head - Haider al-Abadi, yesterday Also Tuesday, disabling official working in Iraq, on Thursday, on the occasion of Liberation gray, the anniversary of the Prophet's birthday, and Christmas and New Year Almiladah.lsan Abadi Alsm- Information Office, the transfer in a statement to cyberspace, where a copy of it fell in our mail box: "to celebrate the victories of our heroine and the liberalization of gray, which coincided with the Prophet Mohammad's birth, and Birthdays Jesus Christ, and New Year's Day, declares the Prime Minister - Haider al-Abadi, disable the official work day on Thursday - the 31st of December 2015," We also remind Garina , that the management of the province of Kirkuk, was also announced by the Ummen- of 28 December 2015, always disable next Thursday, on the occasion of the New Year, "and that Iraq's Kurdistan Regional Government, announced the day before Kirkuk - the 27 of our month, which is about the same utter his last breath, the official working disabled on Thursday in turn, on the occasion of New Year's Day holiday, rather than on Friday, which falls on New Year's Day 2016.