Oil falls when {37} dollars per barrel with a weak outlook

2015/12/30 15:54

{International: Euphrates News} landed price of crude oil futures on Wednesday near $ 37 a barrel, as the market remained under pressure due to slowing demand and large supplies, and prices have been affected in the short-term outlook wave of cold weather in Europe and America.
Crude prices have dropped by about two-thirds of their value since mid-2014, which resulted in increased production from members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries OPEC countries {}, and Russia, and the United States to a global surplus of between half a million and two million barrels per day.
More recently, expectations began to slow demand, particularly in Asia, but also in Europe pressure on prices.
By 6:21 am GMT, crude was trading price of West Texas Intermediate futures to $ 37.22 a barrel, down 65 cents, or about 1.72% from the last settlement price in the previous session, and Brent fell 33 cents to $ 37.46 a barrel.
The measurement revealed Khami global prices earlier in the session to $ 37.11, and $ 37.22 per barrel, respectively.
Traders said that "the decline resulted from several reasons, most important of which was the closure of the trading records, the weak and the outlook for next year."
Crude prices have come under more pressure in light of expectations to be a period of cold weather in Europe and the United States short.
It rose American Van Brent and about 3% in the previous session, hoping to enhance the cold weather and low temperatures demand for oil for heating purposes. Ended h