Economist: government claim} {OPEC to reduce oil production ceiling

2015/12/30 17:19

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} said economist Abdul Rahman al-Mashhadani, on Wednesday, said the government at the beginning of 2016 to move towards a diplomatic Petroleum Exporting Countries to reduce global production ceiling; for high oil prices.
He said al-Mashhadani told {Euphrates News}, "This Iraq in the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries {OPEC} member, so he must take action to demand by reducing production ceiling of those states, which leads to higher global oil prices, and thus revive the Iraqi economy, which depends on oil As a supplier basis. "
He said economic analyst said 2015 is no different from past years in terms of fiscal austerity, it depends on the fact that the Iraqi oil without other broken sectors such as industry, agriculture, and tourism.
The parliamentary Finance Committee has indicated in earlier that the country will go for internal and external borrowing; the budget to meet the shortage of what ails financial shortfall due to lower world oil prices, stressing the need to activate all the pieces in the country.
It is noteworthy that the supreme religious authority has confirmed earlier during his Friday sermon in the words of its representative in the holy city of Karbala, that "borrowing will saddle the state budget larger than it is, and it will bear very high benefits." It ended