Najaf start issuing unified national card early in 2016

Author: AY
Editor: HH, NS
12/30/2015 17:08
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Long-Presse / Najaf

He confirmed the Najaf provincial council, said on Wednesday that the Directorate general conditions in the province will start issuing unified national card to the beginning of 2016 citizens, and as pointed out that the introduction on the card will be through an electronic form.

The head of the security committee in the House of Najaf province, Khalid Aljcami in an interview with the (long-Presse), that he "will work on a unified national card to the people of Najaf province, as of the third day of the month of January 2016," noting that it "will apply for the card through the electronic form of the official website of the Directorate of National Affairs card. "

He Aljcami, that "the Directorate completed full preparations for the completion of this national mission that will contribute to building a unified database eliminate cases of red tape and fraud and manipulation, as well as the resolution of the security problems related to the similarity of the names 'base', adding, that" the Directorate put my private address citizens who send the card information and the important information on how to apply and booking ''.

The Interior Ministry, confirmed on Sunday the (8 November 2015) to the national card issuance will be limited to currently enrolled the Department of Civil Status district bridge in Baghdad, while indicated that they have an integrated plan for the inclusion of other areas in turn, made it clear they are working on infrastructure complete infrastructure for some of the places where the project will be implemented in the capital and the provinces.

The Interior Minister, Mohamed Salem Al Ghabban, confirmed in the (third from November 2015), the ministry has identified fixed sites and alternative project: the national card, returned to parliament approval on the project contribute to "a lot make it work", while the detection of the agreement with the concerned province Kurdistan on technical and logistical matters on the subject, called to educate citizens about the mechanism of issuing the card.

The House of Representatives, passed in (27 October 2015), the draft standard national card law, while commented deputies minorities, to attend parliamentary sessions in protest against the enactment of the law, especially with regard to the registration of the child of a minor religion of parents, Adin, that it constitutes "discrimination and coercion to faith. "