Saad: Parliament will discuss the issue of pensions for members of the local council at its next Thursday

Tuesday, 06 March / March 2012 20:08

[Baghdad - where]

Confirmed the MP for the parliamentary bloc of virtue were part of the National Alliance, Susan Saad declared that the House of Representatives will discuss at its Thursday issue of pensions for members of local councils and will be issued a decision to raise their injustice.

Said Saad in a press statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Tuesday that "the members of the provincial councils have made many sacrifices in the service of the country," asserting that "the amendment of the law is not by degree within the materials budget, and this is a violation of the Constitution."

Saad pointed to "a new report prepared for some provinces to the presence of administrative and financial corruption have, and that there are no provinces have spent the rest of the act."

And several provinces have seen demonstrations of dozens of members of municipal councils to demand that the House of Representatives to reverse the decision to cancel their pensions.

The House of Representatives voted late last month to repeal paragraph of Article [55] of the Act [21] on the governorates, and provides it on the abolition of pensions for those who occupied positions in the councils of the provinces and districts and areas.

The deputies had criticized earlier in the cancellation "as a" loss of the right of those who served the country in difficult circumstances that have passed. End