Legal representative: Interpol does not apply to judicial decisions and must be agreed with the States for extradition

BAGHDAD - A fraternity
Said the parliamentary legal committee member Hassan Turan, the International Police (Interpol) does not apply decisions issued by the federal judiciary to arrest wanted abroad.
And between Turan, if re wanted through Interpol requires a move to more than one level, of which Interpol does not apply to decisions issued by the federal judiciary on the arrest because he believes that the federal judiciary is politicized.
He added, the federal judiciary to give more purity to its image of a federal Iraq to be able to deal with the Interpol to restore criminals.
He explained, according to international legal norms countries can be held interface agreements between the two international extradition and this one means, noting that a federal Iraq if he felt there who stole public funds and stay in a particular country within the global human rights standards and international law can be held extradition agreements with these countries, taking into account the human subjects.