MP Kazem al-Shammari: National have indicated their willingness to join its efforts to the efforts of the tribes in solving the problems of the post-stage Daash

2015-12-30 01:08:45 | (Voice of Iraq) - Statement

The President of the parliamentary bloc, the National Coalition MP Kazem al-Shammari, Wednesday, the coalition is ready to join efforts to tribes thoroughbreds efforts in resolving any disputes or conflicts in the post-Daash stage in the city of Ramadi, or any other city is released to avoid chaos and problems.

Al-Shammari said in a press statement by his press office, "we would like to refer to concerns raised here and there around for qualifying for the account or revenge in the stage at which God forbid cause edit gray as a result of joining some of the sons of those tribes to organize Daash for any reason and others affected by them."

"The national coalition repeatedly stressed the need to build a state of institutions, law and get away from the actions of party or individual away from the rule of law and the state, at a time when we know very well that the families of the big role and it is important to resolve a lot of issues, particularly that Iraq is and discounts tribal country and we can not bypass this it in any way. "

He said Shammari said "national warns of the danger of open page score-settling and revenge in the post-Daash stage in gray or any other city, and stresses the need to adopt a Community Unity Project as a sole to avoid problems and chaos with their willingness to join efforts with the Iraqi tribes thoroughbreds efforts in accordance with legal procedures and norms tribal thoroughbreds and in coordination direct with the relevant security agencies to Fouad rift and save the blood of the Iraqis in order to entrench the principle of national reconciliation, which was basically in every start of the coalition. "

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MP Kazem al-Shammari