Basra demanding government financial bonds to implement projects


Basra / peace Khazaal

Student Basra Governorate Council, on Tuesday, giving the federal government securities funds of $ 10 billion, that among these bonds as collateral will be provided to bring international companies to carry out projects in the province.
The head of the provincial council in Basra Albzona morning in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The administration wants the province of Basra securities from the federal government in order to bring international companies to work in the province government guarantees."
Albzona He added that "the Basra owed the federal government nearly $ 10 billion accumulated from previous budgets, and this is our hope that the government give it to maintain even if in the form of securities."
Albzona and pointed out that "the province is keen on some of the money to walk some of its projects, and plans to implement a lot of projects through payment on credit and loans."
The new head of the provincial council confirmed "in the event of Basra were giving that money, they can bring in large international companies for the implementation of projects in the province."
The provincial council in Basra called in (21 December 2015), Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, to grant the province, "legal exceptions" to enable them to implement their projects Order forward, and what was described as the financial budget law for next year 2016 as "shameful", go back to Basra, the first not to apply law being financed 90% of the budget.