Iraq approached Petrojayna and Exxon Mobil to increase its oil production from the fields of the South

BAGHDAD / long-Presse

Southern Oil Company announced, on Tuesday, for talks conducted with the companies, Exxon Mobil Petrojayna Alnaftytin to boost oil production in the southern oil fields. As it is shown that the project worth tens of billions of dollars, confirmed that the implementation of the project include plans to extend the oil pipeline and installation of storage facilities and a water injection system in the fields.
The deputy director of government SOC SOC (on behalf of Abdul Karim) in comments to Reuters and followed up (range Press), that "the company approached my company Petrojayna Chinese and Exxon Mobil US to invest in a project worth several billion dollars to boost oil production from the southern oil fields." Abdul Karim, adding that "the implementation of the project plans include the extension of an oil pipeline and installation of storage facilities and the system of water injection to maintain pressure in the fields rates," noting that "water injection system will benefit also to Exxon Mobil and Petrojayna where Sthtajmanha to raise the falling production rates for the field west Qurna - 1 oil which oversee the ".opent Reuters that" the project to strengthen oil production, which was discussing the South Oil Company aims to increase the current production of Allhis, Nasiriyah oil and repentance and River bin Omar and Aertaua fields of 240 000 barrels to 350 000 barrels per day and that by 2016 year. "