Before 2003 .. The cities of Basra city became .. Texas without Batman !!

Tuesday 12/29/2015 7:30
Iraq today / Basra
It seems that the local government of Basra, still trying to reduce the importance of the security of her, over the previous years, where this was the result of sleep, and on the lips of Majed Nasraoui - the administrative head, more than 3,000 warrant ..mkhmrh in drawers,
Except that Tlahaktha Baghdad to "hawks intelligence cell" which began days ago and are still - according to the news we published, cleared Faiha of all its capacity it from crows crime Viha.ganh planning and follow-up in the Basra Governorate Council, tried to explain on Monday why the security of sleep: " The financial problem faced by the country, and the proportions of high unemployment, and the growing phenomenon of drug use, and the phenomenon of tribal fanaticism that feed the tribal conflicts, is one of the reasons that led to the commission of more than 1000 different criminal offense within the past few months ", but the Chairman of the Committee - originated Mansouri, has acknowledged in his speech told newsworthy, that tragic information such, are not beaten in the sand, but the facts, sources: "The Commission has prepared an analytical study of the security situation in Basra, based on reports issued by security agencies, and the results showed that the province has seen during the period extending from the month of August, until the month of December, the current of a 1017 criminal offense, and 23 terrorist crime, which means that 97.7% of the crimes committed during the period in question, is of a criminal nature, and the remaining is a terrorist motives crimes ", and the percentages of the types of crimes different, and living the era of prosperity in Fayhaa: "The murders, which represented 8.7%, and kidnappings 2.2%, while the crimes of theft, increase amounted to 78.44%, and mostly targeted Mkateba, shops, townhouses and cars", according to an upcoming Mansouri, the perpetrators .. More than 80% of them, are still enjoying Bbhbouhh freedom ": that 16% of criminal offenses, have been identified as those involved committed", then Mansouri number, the most important causes in the security ruin of the rainbow: "One of the main reasons for the commission of such crimes, the weakness of prestige security authority in the street, and the growing phenomenon of drug use, and the high unemployment rate, and the status of tribal fanaticism that feed the tribal armed conflicts, in addition to the spread of the phenomenon of the militarization of the street, and what it entails repercussions, as well as the case of fiscal austerity, which reflected negatively on the security situation, "and found Mansouri that the local government, which sits Nasraoui belonging to the Supreme Council at its peak, to inject and Ridha prestige: "The extension of security and restore the prestige of the state in the province, requires addressing those causes," but also acknowledged that the treatments must be shared .. both from the local government and security or of visual "The solutions need to be a concerted citizens and local government and security forces and the clergy's efforts, and clan elders, prevention is better than cure, and so much of waiting for the crime and then prosecute the offender better," For your reference, dear reader, that the cell security crisis in Basra, claimed in a statement yesterday, the 27th of our month ongoing I., "The rates of crimes of murder, kidnapping and armed robbery, fell within the past few days to the zero level, thanks to the campaign carried out by the security forces, and resulted in the arrest of more than 800 required in less than a month, "and also:" The tribal disputes were still negatively affect the security situation, so we will be resolute and decisive measures to reduce them. "