Washington address Iraq: a firm commitment with you until Aafts Daash

12/29/2015 7:32
Today Iraq / Baghdad
Actress Uncle Sam in Iraq - the US Embassy in the country, and found that the control of Iraqi forces on a government compound in Ramadi, was a "strong blow to Daash", and did not skimp in the name of Uncle Sam in Iraq, speaking of giving more pledges: "Our country is committed to continuing support The Iraqi government, until the defeat of the organization. "
Embassy, ​​which (not in architecture) - but in the green, blessed and pledged progress in a statement, picked up the newspaper from the World Wide Web, on Monday: "We congratulate the Iraqi security forces on their progress, through their battles fierce for the restoration of the city of Ramadi," and the formal evaluation of the reference gray to gray in Washington agenda: "The restoration of the Iraqi security forces, control of Anbar government compound in Ramadi, a powerful blow to the organization Daash terrorist .. which continues to loss of land," and tried (embassy, ​​which is not in architecture), that take part of the balance of the victory of Iraq, where we read: "The United States boasts the leadership of the international alliance, which provides assistance to the Iraqi forces," and the obligations established towards the country, which is not well-established at all in the eyes of many independent observers and even non-independent: "We confirm our firm to continue to support the Iraqi government, until the defeat Daash, "We take Garina note, that the spokesman for the joint operations - Yahya Messenger, had announced yesterday the" Edit gray of control "Daash", an indication of the finger of his words: "the Iraqi flag, above the compound government, city center ".